As a young woman growing up in the diaspora, the struggle of upholding my cultural beliefs and that of my country of residence is real. While my African roots teach me that a woman has to keep herself pure and know her worth, the western views dictate that purity is of no essence in today’s world. Everything around me has been sexualized, from perfume commercials to music videos. How can one cope in such a world and still uphold their Christian values?

I had to go back to the word and learn that I was God’s masterpiece and armed with that knowledge, I had to find out how a masterpiece is treated. If you ask any artist they will tell you how valuable their masterpiece is. Often at art auctions, a masterpiece always sells for a lot of money because of its value. To some people, it may just look like a canvas and paint, but to the one who made it, it is a masterpiece, it is also worth every penny to the buyer. Many times as young women we have forgotten that we are a masterpiece, we have forgotten that we are valuable and of so much worth.

What makes us more valuable is that we have God’s stamp all over us! Why then should we shortchange ourselves and settle? Why should we give ourselves to people who do not value us?

So what I have learned through all this is that God’s word is still living today, it does not matter what part of the world one is. Yes, one can still live a pure Christian life in a world that is corrupted, it is not easy but we have the holy spirit to guide us.

We have to be intentional about some of the decisions we make and seek God’s guidance in everything.