When God speaks we mostly want it to be a positive response so we can go and tell everyone what God has said and done. What then do we do when God says NO?

I can relate to this. I thought that i had got to the point in my life that i had it all together and surely God had blessed me. Much to my surprise God told me to let go of some people that were near and dear to me. I didn’t understand why and my first instinct was to rebuke the devil who i thought was playing games on me. I am sure some of you can relate with this. The devil was not playing any games on me and there was no point in me blaming him for anything. I had to face the truth and do as God had said. Trust me when i say it is not easy to let go. It hurts so much but if that is what God says then so shall it be.

While i was still battling within myself with what God had said i was reminded of the story of Abraham and Isaac. (Gen 22) Abraham was told by God to sacrifice his only son. I can only imagine how that must have felt. He had waited all his life for this son, Isaac wasn’t an ordinary son he was the son of the promise. I don’t think Abraham even told Sarah about this. How could God ask so much of him? How could God ask for his one and only son? Who would then fulfill the promise? If i was Abraham i would have probably asked these questions. Obedient as he was Abraham went ahead and took the son to the mountain to offer him as sacrifice and God had a ram there for him to sacrifice. Sometimes God asks of us to sacrifice the ones we love the most. It is not because he doesn’t know what the future has in-store in us but he is testing our obedience. How many of us if presented with the Isaac situation would go ahead and take our sons?

Our christian walk requires that we let go of everything and follow Christ. How many of us are prepared to let go and follow Christ? May we not be like the rich young man who became sorrowful when he was told to let go of his possessions and give them to the poor so he could follow Jesus (Matthew 19:16-30).

The process is not easy but it takes obedience and sacrifice to go through it. I am  still work in progress and learning to trust in God. His plans for us are never to harm us. If he says NO don’t be disheartened…..