I use public transport as a way of getting from one place to another. I am usually extremely organized, I know my timetable for the bus and train by heart. 9 out of 10 times I don’t miss a pickup. When I do, it feels like I have messed up so much. But what happens when the train is delayed? Like most people I get angry and impatient because I do not want to wait. But there is power in waiting. What do we learn when we wait? 

1. Patience 

If there is anything to learning in the time of waiting, it’s patience. I came to the realisation that being impatient does not solve the issue at hand. Being angry will only affect my mood. Think of Abraham for a minute. He had to have been the most patient man on earth. He was given the promise that he would be a father of many nations, yet he and his wife had passed childbearing age. This did not negate the fulfilment of the promise, oh yes it was fulfilled at the appointed time because God had said so. 

Like Abraham and Sarah, we may get impatient and look to Haggai to deliver the promised son. But that is not God’s will and that is not the promise that God gave us. When we wait patiently, we eventually receive what is due to us. 

2. Anticipation

A pregnant woman knows and understands what it is like to wait with anticipation. As the due date draws closer, everyone in the circles waits with anticipation to welcome a newborn into the family. They understand that their family dynamics will change once this newborn comes into the world, but they still wait with anticipation. 

As Christians, we anticipate the coming of Christ. We don’t know the date nor the hour, but all we know is that he is coming soon. We hold on to that hope of his coming. One cannot wait and not have the expectation of what is to come because it is the expectation of what is to come that keeps us going. 

3. Attentive 

Whenever I am travelling I listen attentively to the announcements that are broadcast at each station. There is a good chance that the train may be arriving on a different platform or could be delayed.

Waiting forces you to be attentive. If you are unattentive you get easily distracted and miss out on what’s important. 


I am reminded of Elijah when he had run away from Jezebel. ( 1 Kings 19:11-13) God told him to go and stand on the mountain and he would pass by. A great and strong wind passed by but God was not in it. An earthquake came afterwards but God was not in it. A fire also made an appearance but God was not in it! After all the big things that one would expect God to appear in had come and gone, there was a still small voice. Only when Elijah heard it did he go out. 

Many times we get distracted by the noise around us to the point that we fail to hear the still small voice when it comes. But when we wait and listen attentively, we can hear it loud and clear. Even though it may seem to be a small voice, we can only hear it loudly in our hearts when we listen attentively. 

In your season of waiting do not lose hope, there is something greater yet to come. It may seem vague or look like it is not happening but just hold on, be patient, stay attentive and be obedient to what God is saying. It is in this season of waiting that we learn more about ourselves once we shake off all the distractions. 

What have you learnt in your season of waiting? Please comment below 🙂