“Failure to prepare is preparing to fail” @ Benjamin Franklin. This is one of my favorite quotes of all time. In the last couple of weeks, I have said it countless times to myself as a way to motivate myself.  I am in the same position with most students, it is exam season and I somehow feel like I haven’t had enough time. The truth is I knew from the very first week when I started classes that exams would come at the end of the year. In true last-minute style, I have found myself struggling to revise everything I need for the exams. I failed to prepare for my exams properly, on the other hand, I was preparing to fail. One of the greatest causes of lack of preparation is this one thing called procrastination.


“Procrastination is the thief of time”

Time is one of the most valuable things in life. Once lost it cannot be recovered.  In my conversations with Bo he mentioned something that struck a chord with me, “Time is the currency of life” A day has 24 hours  and it only comes once in a lifetime. The moment one decides to mess up with some of those hours they can never be restored back. What do we do with our time, those minutes we spend on social media slowly turn to hours and by the end of the day we have accomplished nothing. Today I challenge you to look  for something productive to do instead of spending time scrolling up and down your timeline.

Procrastination is a setback in planning and preparation. How many times have you made the perfect plans in your head but never come around to doing it, constantly postponing it to another day?  I am guilty of this! There are many opportunities that have passed simply because I chose to procrastinate, by the time I got around to doing anything the door had already been closed. Today I challenge you, for every hour you spend doing nothing, to start doing something productive. For every hour you spend procrastinating on social media, why don’t you read a book that will empower you.

In our Christian walk, we constantly procrastinate on reading the word or even pray. There is always something ‘that requires our immediate attention’ we all know that some of these ‘immediate things’ are not important at all. Given a choice, many of us fall into prioritising other things and leaving God’s word which is our source of everything. I think it is time we start making time for God’s word and having a relationship with him through prayer.

Can you imagine for a moment if Noah chose to procrastinate building the ark? There would have been no ark to go into, the human race would have perished. Had he not prepared by looking for the right materials and then building the ark what would have happened?


Learn to prepare and do not procrastinate. Time is the currency of life once lost it cannot be restored!