You can hear the deafening buzz in the atmosphere. T’is the season to rejoice, a season when all worries disappear. T’is also a season when most lose their heads and get caught up with the frenzy and what’s trendy, a season before this pseudo-excitement soon dissipates into fear. Fear of bills, over-extended debts, and grappling for scraps.

Though many make ridiculous decisions and soon suffer for it, Christmas is a time we are reminded about the bond of family. T’s the season we lay aside our differences and call our impudent cousins, crazy aunts, all the good ones and the bad ones. So we round ourselves up and laugh the next few days away or we get wasted.

Whether we make great decisions or throw away our immediate future because of impulsive decisions, what’s important is that we do all this together. When January comes, though, all our accomplices are nowhere to be found, hiding in their homes and minding their own business.

In all of this, no one deserves to be alone on Christmas. I remember looking forward to this annual family season. My parents did not believe in the concept of Christmas because of its paganistic influences, but it was at this time we cared less about their doctrines and views. We just wanted to spend time with our cousins and extended family. Though we sang no carols and lit no candles, we had fun, we were never alone.

Being alone on Christmas is depressing. You could be working hard on a job trying to ensure that your status changes soon enough. You could be living in a foreign country and your family is far apart. You could have made a conscious decision to let go of past relationships in order to regain your sanity. You could be far from home without a clue on when you can afford to get back.

If you are out there reading this alone this Christmas, I want to remind you that t’is the season to be selfless too. Get out of the house, drive or walk around public places, there are people begging on the streets today, an elderly person at a retirement home with no one to visit them and there is someone out there without hope for tomorrow.
Instead of amplifying your loneliness this Christmas, go out and be blessing to someone else before depression sets in and mess you up.

Don’t be alone this Christmas.